After many years as a small nonprofit, we at GTX Connect believe that a significant barrier to creating positive lasting change in the Georgetown area is caused by the difficulty of nonprofit organizations, for-profit companies, government, educational entities, religious institutions, and for-profit companies to work together to solve community problems.  There are many reasons for this, including competition for volunteers, money, and other resources; the inability of small organizations to access technology and business acumen to make their work efficient and sustainable; and difficulty in collaborating in ways that don’t amount to just attending meetings with little to no action afterwards.

Our solution is to build over time a shared resource of technology and knowledge to promote collaboration and to bring smaller organizations on par with organizations that have the money and personnel to accomplish their goals more easily.

We have spent over seven years cultivating relationships and building coalitions in the area.  Our new Changemaker initiative will use that work to solidify the collaborations already built and ease the creation of new ones. 

We invite you now to join a community of your fellow do-gooders and changemakers.  Your organizational information will be shared with other community organizations, you will have access to a community calendar, resource exchange a volunteer/applicant database and a voice in developing additional functionality.