As part of the Georgetown Junteenth festival,  GTX Connect is sponsoring a friendly spades tournament.  The card game Spades has been a central part of African-American communities for decades, and has been a go-to pastime for a long time.  The game originated in Cincinnati, Ohio in the 1930s, and became popularized by African-American troops during WWII. In the Antebellum South, gameplay brought Black people together, and friendships developed between people who may not have otherwise come together.  Join in on the fun! If you’ve never played spades before, don’t worry.  There will be people to help and it’s all in good fun! 

The tournament will be held at the Georgetown Community Center, 445 E. Morrow St.  10:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Teams are made up of two.  Get a partner and register below.  See you there!