Title Sponsorship

What your company will recieve:

    • Exclusive recognition as the title sponsor of the powwow.

    • Your company logo will be prominently displayed on all promotional materials, including banners, flyers, and posters.

    • Recognition in press releases and media coverage.

    • Prominent booth space at the event for promotional activities. 

Dance  Sponsorship

What your company will receive:

    • Recognition in related promotional materials for the sponsored category.

    • Logo placement on event signage for the sponsored category.

    • Opportunity to present awards to winners in the sponsored category.
      • Catagories Available:
        • Tiny Tots Dancers, Ages 1-5  $200
        • Junior Dancers, Ages 6-12    $600
        • Teen Dancers, Ages 13- 16   $900
        • Adult Dancers, Age 17+       $4800

Main Stage Sponsorship

What your company will receive:

    • Naming rights for the main stage.

    • Logo displayed on stage banners and backdrops.

    • Verbal acknowledgment during stage announcements.

    • VIP seating or hospitality area access.

Event Staff Sponsorship


    • Northern Drum-$1000

    • Southern Drum-$1500

    • Head Man-$350

    • Head Lady-$350

    • Head Gourd-$300

    • Arena Director-$400

    • Emcee – $500

Community Engagement Sponsorship-$5000

What Your Organization will receive:

    • Sponsorship of community engagement activities, such as workshops or cultural exhibits.

    • Logo on materials related to the sponsored activities.

    • Recognition in the powwow program.

    • Opportunity to host a booth or display during the sponsored activities.